Being a Pediatrician vs. Sleeping

Nothing will steal a Pediatricians sleep like being on call for their patients 24/7. It’s not just the total number of hours of sleep that are effected, it’s also the quality of sleep. Do you sleep next to your cell phone and worry that you may sleep through a call from the hospital or from a patient?

There is a lot of research regarding sleep deprivation and its association with everything from obesity, cancer and memory loss. Not to mention what lack of sleep can do to a persons emotional health and mood. Without sleep, it can be impossible to be attuned to your patients and provide them with the attention and education they need…especially first time parents who require more teaching and reassurance. The long hours Pediatricians spend seeing patients in the clinic and giving telephone advice after hours takes away from time spent on themselves, with family, friends, not to mention much needed vacations.

Tele-Nurse not only provides after hours telephone triage, we provide peace of mind knowing that your patients are being taken care of by our expert team of Pediatric nurses. Make the choice to sleep more and allow Tele-Nurse to handle your after hours patient calls.

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