Tele-Nurse provides the opportunity for our patients to have contact with our providers and office, 24-hours a day seven days a week. This service has had a positive influence on our patient relationships and on the lifestyle of our physicians. I strongly recommend Tele-Nurse services as a viable continuity of patient care.

Dr. Maribelle Garza

We have experienced very positive results from Tele-Nurse. They respond quickly to patient calls, we have a better follow-up of patients who call after hours, and we have also seen less ER visits. Tele-Nurse services are just what you, as a doctor, desire. It gives you more quality time with your family and more time to rest.

Dr. Miguel A. Martinez-Vela

I called my Pediatrician’s office at midnight because my 2 year old had temperature of 102. I was in a state of panic because this was the first time he’d ever really been sick. Nurse Elaine called me back right away and gave me terrific advice on how to handle fever. She was so patient and answered all of my questions and concerns. I’m thankful my Pediatrician has such a wonderful group of nurses handling his after hours calls.

Ana G. Harlingen, TX

I’m the proud mother of a 5-day old baby girl. I’ve been having some trouble breastfeeding and called my doctor’s office 5 minutes after they closed. The nurse on call was so patient and talked to me for over 15 minutes about breastfeeding. I realize this wasn’t a true after hours emergency, and can’t thank her enough for spending so much time on the phone with me.

Maria L. McAllen, TX

The Tele-Nurse service has been a tremendous asset to our patients, practice, and to our physicians.

Dr. Dorila Mauney

Our patients love the access to a knowledgeable advisor during the hours our office is closed, and parents regard you as part of our team, giving advice and guidance we support. For that especially, we are very pleased. You have done an outstanding job of providing sound guidance and have represented our clinic well.

Dr. Stanley Fisch

My son was jumping on the couch when he fell off and hit his head on the coffee table. He developed a bump on his forehead and I called my doctor’s office right away. A nurse called me back within 3 minutes and told me exactly what to do. She even called me back 2 hours later to see how my son was doing. I’m so thankful that my doctor has such caring nurses on call for him.

Becky S. Edinburg, TX
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